• Product introduction

    In order to obtain accurate and repeatable results measuring insertion and return loss, the reference connector needs to outperform the connector under test. Reference cables from OptoTest are manufactured with reference ends that are certified to exceed the FOTP171A (A2.2.1) standard.

    The HPR series of reference cables are offered with connectors for FC, SC, ST and LC with PC (UPC) or APC polish. The source end meets the standard requirements for PC or APC polish.

    HPR-MTP cables are available in hybrid / fanout configurations or in MTP-to-MTP varieties. Any MTP connector can be male or female and the reference end exceeds the requirements of FOTP171A (A2.2.1). Any simplex connector on a hybrid cable (FC, SC, LC, etc.) will meet the standards requirements for the specified connector and polish type (APC or UPC). For additional connector types or custom configurations, please contact OptoTest or the distributor in your area.